David Heinemeier Hansson recently posted about X’s appeal.

Everything that happens, everyone who matters, is on X first. Even the most rabid Musk haters come crawling back to this platform when it counts.


I’m afraid I have to disagree with this.

X was the place I checked first when something happened. It’s definitely the last place I check now. A news website like The Guardian might be where I start if there’s some breaking news story. If it’s tech-related, I’ll go to Hacker News and then possibly The Verge for more information on the story.

As for the “everyone who matters” part, I see X now as nothing more than a platform for technical people. Yip, many friendly people are on there, and they are still posting interesting stuff. Still, the general vibe to me is that it’s an excellent place for those in tech but not much else. For me, it’s become an echo chamber.

So, are others still crawling back to X?

Not for me. I might check my X timeline once a day and bookmark a few things to read later, but that’s the extent of my interaction on X. It’s not the source of good content that it was a few years back. It’s definitely not the platform that counts for everyone.