With Ethan playing the last round of a competition at Longniddry Golf Club today, Jen, Drew, and I decided to wander around the surrounding area.

We had already planned to take a walk along Longniddry Bents. Despite the usual grey weather that Scotland is famous for, the walk along the beach was great. We then headed into Cockenzie and Port Seton, but with little to do there, we had a look to see what was nearby.

We decided to head there because Rosslyn Chapel was just a half hour away. We were a few minutes late for the tour’s start, which allowed us to take some great pictures of the outside of the chapel while everyone was inside getting the guided tour. The inside of the chapel was just as beautiful as the outside. Particularly the Apprentice Pillar and the many carvings on the pillars and arches inside the chapel.

All in all, it was a pretty great day.