Tonight, I’ve been building HTML templates with Tailwind to integrate them into a CMS of sorts using Rails. Is it a product? No, it’s just me hacking about on a wee Rails app and trying to brush up my skills once more. The last time I genuinely enjoyed doing this was a good couple of years ago.

So what prompted this change?

Well, the main reason is that I’m enjoying my job now. It’s full-time, but I’m also fully remote, so cutting out the commute has been a big win. There’s something to be said about working from home. It definitely suits me better than being in an office. I don’t mind being in an office environment, but the distractions can put your focus off a bit, depending on where you work. Working from home means, I can get my head down and get on with the work.

I’m using Ruby on Rails again. It’s not the most recent version, but I’ll take working with any version of Rails over working with just about anything else at the moment.

While working remotely, I am in a close-knit team that regularly checks with each other throughout the day. Although being remote has its benefits, you do need some contact with others throughout the day. Although Slack isn’t the ideal medium for this as it is pretty distracting, being able to meet and discuss with your team members regularly throughout the day breaks up the day nicely.

As a result, I’m finding myself reaching for the laptop more at night and hacking on Rails or Laravel apps. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to finish this little bit of code before turning in for the night.