One thing I have wanted to do for a long-time is to have a single checklist for the day that I can check items off for and then reset it for the next day. It doesn’t sound too difficult to do, but it never works entirely the way I would like it to in the various task manager apps I have used.

Many task manager apps re-create the tasks as they are crossed off the list. Now, that sounds fine for a single task, but when you have a bunch of tasks that you want to do daily, it can start to look slightly chaotic depending on the app. You may end up with tasks not completed from the day before, tasks completed for today, and some already completed for tomorrow.

I would like my list of tasks to stay completed for the day but not re-create the tasks for the following day. When the next day does come around, I would simply like to reset the checklist to start over again. I suppose the behaviour here is not to re-create the tasks but reset the list into a state so that it can be used again.

I created a page on my website that I can visit that contains a list of tasks with checkbox input elements that, when checked, are saved in the browser’s localStorage. There’s also a button there that, when clicked, resets all checkbox input elements back to unchecked. This allows me to start the list all over again.

After a couple of passes, I finally have it working now.