This morning I put the final touches on a Rails application that I planned to move from DigitalOcean to Render whilst upgrading it from Rails 6 to Rails 7. The actual change of platforms wasn’t too much of a problem, but the upgrade to Rails 7, and the third one that I have done, still presented me with a few issues. These problems were not too difficult to fix, and after an hour or minor tweaks, I managed to get the application up and running on Rails 7.

With this being the third Rails 7 upgrade I have done, I’m gradually building up a checklist that uses the Rails document as a base and includes a few other steps when it comes to moving away from Webpacker as well. This checklist will prove invaluable for another couple of Rails 7 upgrades that I plan to do over the next couple of weeks.

With a checklist, you know where you are and the steps you need to take. It allows me to do these upgrades in sections as well, so that I can do a few steps, take a break and then pick up where I left off, knowing what the last step was and what the next step will be. It’s a wonder I don’t use checklists a bit more. I know a few tasks are coming up over the next few months where a couple of checklists will be invaluable once again.

More checklists, please.