I’ve been trying to get more out of my Todoist setup recently by using labels to tag more of the tasks that I have there. It’s similar to the previous setup when I used Todoist a few years ago. I have labels for the duration of the task, labels for the context of the task, and some GitHub style labels that provide some further context to tasks related to building web applications.

It’s working well so far, and now the next step is to use Todoist’s filters to pull together some tasks from various projects. It’s at this point where I fell away from Todoist last time. I ended up with far too many filters that split all my tasks into multiple lists that were too hard to maintain.

This time I have vowed that things will be different. This time I am starting with just a single filter of minor tasks that I can pick off through the week.Most of my tasks are scheduled throughout the week. So there’s no need to apply additional filters to these tasks. It will get done on the scheduled date and time. For those minor tasks that can take me up to 15 minutes, I’ve decided to allow them to sit in Todoist and get done when I need to do them. With them spread over several projects, the new filter will bring them together under one view.

I’ve been intentionally slow on my uptake with Todoist this time. It can become overwhelming to try and use everything from the get-go. However, this time, I decided to pace myself and try out different parts of Todoist when I needed to. It is working well so far.