On top of the court case against Epic, Apple is now facing another court case, this time in the UK. Apple is accused of over-charging people for the apps in their App Store.
The tech company has been accused of deliberately shutting out the competition in the store and forcing people to use its own payment processing system, generating “excessive” profits for itself in the process.

The claim, which is being brought on behalf of potentially millions of Apple users in the UK, has been filed in the competition appeal tribunal and calls for Apple to repay UK customers it says have been overcharged because of the company’s practices, with damages of up to £1.5bn being sought.

It says as many as 19.6 million UK users could be eligible for compensation.

Apple accused of breaking UK competition law by overcharging for apps
As an Apple user of some years now, it's only recently that I've seen the argument against the use of a single App Store that is controlled by Apple.

Is it safer? Undoubtedly. Sometimes though, it might be too safe given the fickle approval process that apps must go through when developers submit new or updated apps to the App Store. Also the 

What would happen though if developers could submit to stores other than Apple's own App Store? Maybe they could even run their own stores. I would definitely think twice before buying an app through an alternative store though.