Niklas Göke's word for 2021 is "matter". He'll use this word as his theme for the year to centre all his thoughts and actions. More of a guide for the year than a goal.
A theme is a baseline ideal, one that you use to guide your actions and decisions. It isn’t worried about tomorrow, nor does it care what happened yesterday. With a theme, all that matters is what you do today. It turns happiness into an attainable, daily standard that’s based on your behavior, not your accomplishments.

How To Set a One-Word Theme for 2021
I've always liked the idea of themes, whether they be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. I must admit though, I haven't done a yearly goal for a couple of years. I have definitely wandered off my intended path over the last couple of years.

I think I have a word in mind for this year, but I'll just keep it to myself if you don't mind.