A look at the different techniques used to make the lightsaber work on screen through the different Star Wars movies.

Enter the sequel trilogies, which would achieve the pinnacle of lightsaber effects by merging the various techniques from over the years. Like the prequels, the blades of the lightsabers on-screen would be added digitally, with the on-camera fights taking place with plastic prop stand-ins. Also like the original trilogy, the battles were still fought on actual sets as part of the Star Wars sequels’ commitment to trying to embrace more practical effects.

The Star Wars sequels finally got lightsabers right

Of course, you’re bound to hit on the right combination after numerous attempts. The sequel trilogy does get it right though with the lighting effect from the lightsabers.

It’s just a shame though, that we haven’t yet seen any other colour of lightsaber than the blue and red done with this effect.