I don’t tend to comment on political news, but I thought it would be a good chance to round up some of my own thoughts on the UK general election.

It was touted as being a night that will change the British politics in a huge way, but honestly, I don’t see anything that grand other than the big gains made by the Conservatives and the SNP. There’s been a mild shift of power, nothing more.

Brexit is happening

With a clear majority, the Conservatives will now see Brexit through. There will likely be months, probably years of negotiations ahead, but the first step in leaving the EU will be done by the end of January.

Nationalism is here

There’s a growing sense of nationalism between England and Scotland. Voters in both Scotland and England want what they think is best for their own country, however the results are wildy different.

With a huge landslide in Scotland, voters are still backing the SNP who will now push for another independance referendum. It’s clear that Scotland wants something different that Westminister isn’t offering.

In voting for the Conservatives, voters in England want Brexit done.

Labour leader woes

Labour needs a new leader. It’s hardly suprising that the Conservatives got back into power this morning with Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour party. He has been continually criticsed for his leadership, policies, and lack of stance on Brexit.

What’s ahead?

In the past I voted in the Scottish independance referendum to remain in the UK and in the EU referendum I voted to remain in the EU. If I had to do both votes tomorrow, I would still vote to remain in the EU, but my vote on Scottish independance may be changing. If I were to vote today on Scottish independance, then I would probably vote for it.

I don’t have all the facts about Scotland being independant, but it’s clear now that Scotland wants something very different to England. Going independant is a big step for Scotland, but perhaps it is time for a change.