After today’s news that Google has bought Fitbit, I’ve decided to delete my Fitbit account. This wasn’t a knee-jerk decision based on Google’s ever-increasing grasp of the world’s data, though.

For a few months, my Fitbit Alta hasn’t seen the light of day due to abysmal battery performance. I was lucky if I could get it to last 24 hours. I have been looking at a replacement Fitbit for a few months, but nothing really stood out as being a worthy replacement. Today’s news that Fitbit have being acquired by Google was just the last nudge I needed towards looking elsewhere.

I’ve been curious about an Apple Watch for some time, but I haven’t quite found the need to buy one. I must admit, I do prefer the idea of just having a watch, but there’s something about the Apple Watch now that has started to grow on me.

One last thing. It seems that no matter what size of company you are, there’s always going to be a more prominent company that will eventually buy you out. It puts me off thinking that I can get behind a company who has an innovative new product. It’s a good chance that eventually they will end up being swallowed up by someone else.