Another NFL season, another time to wonder why teams aren’t signing up Colin Kaepernick to replace their injured star quarterbacks. Well, we know why teams aren’t signing up Kaepernick. His protest’s against racism and police violence are well known.

With each star quarterback that falls by the wayside, one question looms ever larger: Will Colin Kaepernick, after over two years in exile, finally be signed by an NFL team? Kaepernick, still only 31 years old, is, according to people I’ve spoken with who know him well, “in the best shape of his life,” waking up at 5 am for daily workouts. His agent has reportedly reached out to several of these teams in need of quarterbacks to see about getting a tryout. By signing Kaepernick, the NFL could close the book on a true instance of “cancel culture,” of denying Kaepernick his livelihood, because he dared stand up to racist police violence.

NFL Teams Are Desperate for Quarterbacks—but Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned

What can be done then?

Very little in fact. The NFL has the chance to make a difference here, but the league remains very aligned to ensuring that they make a profit and not a difference. It looks like Kaepernick will remain the greatest quarterback to be unsigned and ignored by the NFL.