A nice reminder from John Gruber about new Apple products and the fine art of shipping that product.

I wasn’t a fine of the first Apple Watch. The idea of a smartwatch that doesn’t just show you the time felt wrong. Over the years though, Apple has been chipping away at it. A few iterations later and I’m starting to like the idea of owning an Apple Watch.

And then they did what Apple does: iterate, iterate, iterate. They started knocking down Apple Watch’s glaring flaws one by one. Battery life improved significantly. They identified what Apple Watch is meant for: health and fitness tracking, and notifications. They added optional cellular networking, so your watch could remain utterly useful while out of the range of your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 5

The always-on display didn’t seem like a big feature at the time, but having persisted with a Fitbit for a few years, I can appreciate that gesture to see the screen. It just wasn’t always possible.

I’m hinting to Jennifer for an Apple Watch Series 5 for my Christmas now. We’ll just need to wait and see if she takes the hint.