In my development work I usually find that the simple way works best and is also easier to maintain. However, the web development industry is still insistent on progress and not always for the better.

This comparison between AirPods and the headphone jack by Bastian Allgeier is a great way to describe the issue.

Modern web dev tools and services are like AirPods. It’s fantastic to get rid of the cable. The experience is far better 95% of the times. But they also have connection issues from time to time, they are massively over-engineered, expensive and you can easily loose them.

Bluetooth headphones are likely the future. But I still have more love for a set of standard headphone with a regular cable and headphone jack that has been working reliably for decades.

Simplicity (II) by Bastian Allgeier

It’s why I use Rails as my go to framework for new projects. Sure it’s not as simple as editing files on a server but it’s as simple as a tool you can get for building web apps.