Maybe it’s time to do something about the ways in which shipping containers are transported across our oceans?

Trainers, flip-flops and a selection of other footwear were appearing with a regularity that singled them out from the other tidal deposits.

They were the same brands, in the same styles, and, for some of the trainers at least, the same production dates were printed on a label sewn into the tongue of each shoe. Moreover, every item of footwear appeared to have been unworn.

In the months that followed, Mr Ribeiro retrieved about 60 Nike trainers, along with a host of other brands.

Why are Nike trainers washing up on beaches?

A single shipping container can contain hundreds of man-made products that if not secured to this ship, can end up being leaked into the world’s oceans. These end up being washed up on our shores, but also will break down in the ocean adding to the already big problem of plastics in our oceans.