Prefabricated and self-contained homes are becoming increasingly good alternatives to traditional homes. These homes are often cheaper and quicker to build and are usually more environmentally friendly than conventional homes.

There’s a new housing development down the road that is being built on the grounds of an old industrial site. Looking at the foundations being created, the timber frames being put up and all the disruptive roadworks that come with it and you wonder when these style of homes will fall out of favour with people. I think that time is coming as people are increasingly more aware of the environment.

I don’t know what the majority of people’s perceptions are of these prefabricated and self-contained homes, but I am curious to see one up close.

I can see the environmental benefits of downsizing your home to something smaller, but I’m not sure that I can give up the feel of a traditional home. Ideally, I’d like something in between. A prefabricated and self-contained home with just slightly more space.

Also, wouldn’t hurt if it was zombie-proof as well.