Australian broadcaster Waleed Aly on the attacks in Christchurch the reason why they no longer shock him.

“Of all the things that I could say tonight—that I am gutted, that I am scared, and that I am filled with utter hopelessness—the most dishonest thing, the most dishonest thing would be to say that I am shocked,” Aly said. “I’m simply not. There’s nothing about what happened in Christchurch today that shocks me.”

Aly went on to list attacks in recent years in places of worship—targeting Muslims in mosques in Quebec City and London, Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Christians in a church in Charleston, South Carolina—saying that this kind of violence has come to be expected in a climate of hate that many political leaders build up and manipulate rather than stop. — Watch a Muslim broadcaster make stark sense of the New Zealand mosque shootings

Are we ever going to be rid of political leaders that use hate and fear to score votes and secure their seats of power?

You can watch the full broacast here.