As with these other platforms, the idea behind the iOS app is to let you enjoy your PS4 titles without having to sit in front of your TV (so you can let your family watch a show, and pick up where you left off on your phone). Your game will be streamed to your mobile device, and use on-screen overlay buttons to control the action. Unfortunately, unlike with Android, you can’t pair a Dualshock 4 controller to your iPhone or iPad for use with this app.

You can finally run PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad with Remote Play

I’m on the fence with this one. While the idea comes from good intentions, not hogging the television for your gaming, it leads me to think how often I’ll need to chase my oldest off his iPad and iPhone. That’s only when he has a iPad or iPhone that can support the remote play though, as I think his devices are too old for this.

I normally relay gaming news and updates to my oldest, but I think I’ll let this one slip under the radar for as long as I can.