A very detailed post over at NicePage about the changes in web design, the gap between site builders and designers and how you can design for the new 3.0 era.

My design skills as a web developer are definitely lacking, but I can do enough to get by and make a functional user-interface. I prefer to use Bootstrap, but I’ve also been using the Vuetify framework recently as well.

I think Bootstrap gets a lot of bad press for being the popular framework out there, and sure there are a lot of designs that look similar, but there are alternatives out there. The Themes For App site provides free themes based on Bootstrap and looking at them, you couldn’t say for definite that they are built using Bootstrap. They make good use of whitespace and visuals and lean towards NicePage’s 3.0 trend.

Another Bootstrap based theme I’ve been looking at is Material Kit. Take the Bootstrap framework and wrap it in a design influenced by Google’s Material Design.

I’m glad to see there is a new trend in web design. It keeps everyone in the industry on their toes and ensures that there is something else to work towards. It’s not for everyone, and I love minimal plain text designs just as much. It’s good though that we can have this choice as users of the internet.