Even though we have bigger screens with more pixels available to use to view, Nick Janetakis makes a strong point for sticking to 80 characters per line when coding. And he even supported his argument up with a few screenshots as well.

1080p is still one of the most popular resolutions for monitors and it just so happens that with most code editors you can comfortably fit 2 code windows at 80 characters side by side, and even have room for a sidebar if you like that sort of thing.

80 Characters per Line Is a Standard Worth Sticking to Even Today

Well worth a read if coding is your thing.

I mostly stick to 80 characters per line when programming. I say mostly as it’s more a guideline than a rule for me. I find it easy to adhere to this guideline when working with Ruby and other programming languages, but where it falls apart for me is when I am writing HTML. In some cases, I just can’t get a line under the 80 characters.

There are things I can do get around this. I can extract segments of HTML into partials (I am using Rails anyway), but is this valid reason for doing so?

I’m not sure, but in most cases, separating out this HTML would definitely help project organisation, allowing me to work in a more component-based way with my HTML. I might just have to give this a try tonight.