During my last few months of job hunting, I was received numerous enquiries from recruiters for positions in startups and recently formed organisations.

Instead of flat-out declining these offers, I would research the organisation first and then make a decision based on their industry, growth and their suggested work culture. I say suggested as you can never tell with a company what they will be like to work for until you start working for them. Based on these findings I found that I always declined to move forward with the application.

The thing about startups is that they are organisations with no track history. They’re young and new, and while that might be an attraction for others, it’s not something that I am looking for in my future career.

I’m looking for to work in an organisation that is tried and tested. They have experience in their sector and they have a steady platform from which to grow from. And it’s not just in an software development that I am looking for this, but further forward into my career as well.

I’m looking into a different career path that while is new to me isn’t a new type of job in itself. This role has been around for decades but is something that I am interested to move into. Time will tell if I can make the move to this new role, but at least I know that it’s something that will be around for years to come.