I think I’m getting to that stage now where I am all in with Micro.blog.

I’ve been bouncing between platforms over the last few years. Posterous, Square, Jekyll and Ghost. I’ve had issues with them all. Some have a lack of or bad native clients to post from. Others suffer from bad integration with social media platforms. And finally some have hosting issues or just too high hosting costs.

Then Micro.blog came along and made things easier. It’s easy to create an account there, it’s easy to run a blog, it’s easy to share posts with Twitter and Facebook. It’s easy.

The one thing that really sets Micro.blog apart from the restof the blogging solutions I have tried though is the ability to have both a blogging platform and a social media platform rolled into one. I can write short social posts or longer titled posts, and in both cases, I can get replies back to those posts from fellow Micro.bloggers.

It’s taken a while for to get to this stage, but the reality is that I don’t want to maintain multiple blogs for myself. I want to simply write to my blog and Micro.blog allows me to do that.