Everytime I try a new app or service out, it feels like I’m simply putting something else on my radar that I need to check.

A couple of weeks ago I installed an app to remind me to keep moving through the day and keep my water intake going. I deleted it this moring in favour of simply adding a few events to my calendar with reminders. Stupidly simple I know, so why didn’t I think of doing this first before wasting my time with another app?

There’s a flurry of apps that focus on one thing and do that thing really well, but the problem with this is that I end up needing an handful of apps each geared towards their own way of meeting my requirements. These single responsibility apps might be good at what they do, but they suck at everything else.

I’ve got a core set of apps that I use daily. These apps can be adapted to handle most of the things that these single responsbility apps do. They might not do them as well or with less eye-candy, but the result is often still the same.

My core apps at the moment are the following:

  • Bear - For notes and capturing
  • Fantastical - For time management and reminders
  • Pocket - For long-term bookmarking and reading list
  • Trello - Project management for client work

I should learn to use my core apps for everything I do now and adapt them to what I need them to in the future before installing another app to try out.