This week I’ve started migrating my Day One entries to Bear. I initially wanted to omit all the tags for my Day One entries on the import, but I decided to leave them in. The reason for this is that although Bear uses these tags and will populate the sidebar with them, it will be much easier for me to migrate entries for each tag into Bear correctly.

I’m using a top-level tag of #journal for all my entries. Within this top-level tag, there will be some nested tags.

  • Entries are tagged with the month and year. All tags in June of 2017 will have the tag #journal/2017/06.
  • Special moments get their tag of #journal/moments.
  • Other tags will be used as #journal/drew and #journal/ethan.

With all the extra Day One tags now listed in my sidebar, I’ve now started the task of migrating these entries to use my new tagging system for my journal entries. I’m taking it a couple of tags at a time, and I’m already roughly a quarter of the way to migrating all these entries over.

It looks like a particular way of tagging these entries, but in the long run, it will be much easier to find everything as well as exporting a month or even a year of entries to another format so that I reproduce them in a better form.