I’m considering a few changes in the way I blog.

Micro.blog for personal stuff, quotes, snippets, links and the like.

Ghost for longer posts on working, ideas, products and writing.

It should be noted that Micro.blog was the trigger for this whole thing. A streamlined way of publishing small or large updates and then syndicating them through to other social networks and blogs. Damn it’s good at that.

I’ve started to think that my Ghost blog should be more of a professional site than anything else. I think that’s what it’s lacking. Longer posts that I’ve taken the time to write.

Curtis McHale’s blog is a great example of a professional site used for such a purpose.

My blogging habits have changed. From posts that are a mix of personal and work on the one blog, to using two blogs for a mix of both. Now I’m seeing that one blog is more for personal stuff and the other is for things I’m working on and working towards. The work stuff, the professional stuff. The boundaries aren’t clear on this at the moment though, but I think they should be.

@patrickrhone has a similar setup. A professional site and a personal micro-blog.

I’m 90% sold on the idea. The thought of moving more content around isn’t appealing though. It would be worth it in the end though. Right?