For the last couple of years I've been writing every day through a practice called morning pages. It involves writing three pages of anything. Now, I know I'm not a writer. Not even close, but I use this practice to not just write anything, but to draft blog posts, collect thoughts and write up ideas. My morning pages became a time to write before I started doing any programming work.

The problem with this practice though is that very few of this writing will ever see the light of day. The original idea of writing your morning pages isn't to publish what you write. With a full day of work ahead though, I needed sometime in the day to some writing and I figured that using these three pages would be the best time to do this. As I finished each set of pages though, I would usually choose not publish anything from those pages. Not exactly a productive habit and so I decided I need to change my morning pages practice.

For a start I'm returning to publishing a blog post every day. I did this a few years back on this blog. I published every weekday and left the weekend's free. The topics varied from day to day but I'm aiming to keep posts grouped around a theme each week.

To keep my posts consistent and in a good size for reading, I'm aiming to publish in the region of 500 words a day. Some days might be less, some days might be more. There's no strict rule to post length other than it needs to be around the 500 words in length.

Posts will be structured around a theme or topic each week. Now the posts themselves won't form a particular series or even follow on from one another, but what they will have in common is that they will all relate to a single topic. Doing this allows me to plan posts ahead and structure what I need to write about everyday.

This little habit is called my morning stories. A chance to spend some time writing and get myself into a better habit of not just writing, but publishing what I write as well.