It's been a while since I took another stab at learning Vim. If you don't know what Vim is then all you need to know is that it's a major geek out text editor. Savvy?

Each time I've tried to learn Vim though I've started with an existing Vim configuration file. Getting up and running from a blank file just never appealed to me. The problem starting with another person's configuration though is that while everything is there that you need, there's a huge number of commands and shortcuts configured that in the beginning seems a rather daunting task to remember.

This time I've started with a blank slate so that every time I need to customise something in Vim I make the change in my configuration file to fix the problem and move on. Needless to say it's taken me a while to get the configuration file to a point where I would be happy doing client work with Vim as opposed to Sublime Text.

The surprising result though is that while I might be working a little slower than if I had been using Sublime Text, I'm actually learning more about Vim than I ever did before.

I'll report back in 3 months with an update to see if using Vim has stuck this time. I'm optimistic that it will this time, although I have been caved in the past.