Working on Friday right down the to wire again and then a quick turn around to get ready to go out for dinner and celebrate my Dad's birthday. Caffe Royale was tonight's choice and it didn't disappoint. Italian theme restaurant with a great selection of food. Highly recommended.

We've been looking at purchasing a "nearly new" second car for quite some time, but nothing has shown up that matches our price point. A car showed up on the web through the week, but no pictures meant we had to go down to the showroom to get a closer look. Glad we did. Found ourselves a great little runaround car within our price point. Later on, went to church with Ethan and then headed home for dinner and few hours in front of the television catching up with the golf.

The weather on Sundays has been terrible over the last few weeks. Ethan did have a medal scheduled for Sunday but he's been loaded with the cold. He wasn't up for a full round so I took him out for nine holes just to get out the house for a while. He's playing well with his new Ping clubs and I'm sure by the start of the season next year he'll be ready to slash his handicap down.

Rounded up the weekend by finishing my sketchnotes for the Ryder Cup and then watching the final matches come in. Europe didn't play their best and the USA did. You can't argue with a simple point like that, but hats off to each of the European players for a good effort. It's not always going to work out on the day and it didn't for some of the European players but that's just the way golf is.