Friday. Wrapped up client work and finished up packing for the holiday.

Saturday was a long day travelling with the family. It was the first time I decided to eschew technology for the flight. No laptops, iPads or even a Kindle. All I had was Cal Newton's Deep Work book and the job of entertaining our two boys for a while. For a device-free flight it was quite quick. Touched down in Toronto mid-afternoon and had some ribs for dinner at my in-laws house which is our base for the next couple of weeks.

The day after the flight is always the recovery day. The boys were up early as predicted so we had a hobbit style breakfast comprising of an early breakfast at 5am and a normal breakfast at 9am.

For the second time I joined my brother-in-law and his friends for five-a-side football. I've still got a good touch, but I definitely don't have as much energy as I used too.

Ethan playing at Rockchapel Golf Course

Me, Ethan and my father-in-law headed to a nearby nine hole golf course for a quick game of golf today. Ethan destroyed myself and his Granpa with accurate green shots and some great putting. After a few errands on the way home, I cooked up some fajitas for the family and then headed to the park with the boys.

Pretty much a damn good weekend.