For six months now I've been writing my morning pages every weekday morning. The idea of morning pages is to write three pages of longhand writing every day. Weekends are precious in our house, so until the boys are more independent in the morning I chose to just write during the week.

So far I've been mostly consistent. There has been the odd weekly break every month, and there's some days I've been too rushed to do it. I have written morning pages on more days than not over the past six months though, so I think that's quiet an accomplishment.

The tools of the exercise are a pen and notebook.

Right now I'm using a Lamy Safari fountain pen and Volant Moleskine notebooks. The Lamy is great for this exercise as I find it comfortable to hold. I choose the Volant notebooks as I wanted a notebook that would last me more than a month but still be comfortable to write in. It does the job well.

Today marks the start of the fourth notebook. I'll be reviewing my writing over the last few months to see what's fit for publishing. It's not all gold, but there's the odd gem in there, and that's exactly the whole point of this exercise for me. To get some writing in and find the stuff that's worth telling the world about.