Moleskine. Black.

Two words that many people might associate with each other and with good reason too. When Moleskine notebooks started becoming popular a few years ago, black was the only colour available. I've owned a number of them over the years, but a couple of years ago my wife bought me a burgundy coloured Moleskine that was released to tie in with the release of the first The Hobbit movie. Instead of a plain black cover, it's burgundy with embossed detailing from the original maps that Tolkien created for The Hobbit book. I didn't give the colour change much thought although I did like having something a little bit different.

Having finally finished this notebook and in need of a few more notebooks to fill the gap I went straight to Amazon to order up a couple of Moleskine notebooks in black. Then I remembered Matt Gemmell's piece on colours that I read the previous day.

Black is boring. Dark grey is boring. Even white is boring now, after a brief few years of distinction.

Colours by Matt Gemmell

Matt is right. Black is boring. So I clicked through to see what other options there were and decided on a couple of packs of Moleskine Volant notebooks. One emerald set and one blue set. They arrived over the weekend and have been assigned their seperate roles. As you can also see they are definitely not black and definitely not boring either.

My New Collection of Notebooks

These will be definitely more interesting over time as I fill these notebooks and order others in different colours.