Ever since I took delivery of my Nock Hightower a few weeks ago, my notebook has been with me every where I go. Even when I'm at home it sits on my desk just behind my keyboard, always within reach.

Yesterday and today I took advantage of some downtime and sketchnoted a few blog posts I was reading in the morning.

Creating Great Content

Taken from The Next Web - "How to create consistently great content"

Sketchnote of creating great content

Writing for Your Clients

Taken from Curtis McHale - "Are you writing for your ideal client?"

Sketchnote of writing for your clients

Strategic IT Agility

Taken from Thoughtworks - "Reworking IT for Digital Success"

Sketchnote of strategic IT agility

Each of these posts had value to them. Sure, I liked them on Instapaper after reading them which in turn added them to my Pinboard, but the chances of me revisiting these bookmarks in the next few days is slim. However, with the sketchnotes in my notebook, they are more accessible for review. Going to stick with this over the next few weeks.